Working in Australia

The Australian labor market can be very competitive. How quickly new arrivals can find a job in Australia depends on economic factors, qualifications and skills, the type of work sought and particular circumstances which may affect the availability of certain types of work in different parts of the country. Before leaving for Australia, migrants should find out about work prospects and if any special conditions or requirements apply to the work they want to do. For many jobs in Australia, applicants must be able to be registered or licensed with an Australian state or territory authority and/or be eligible for membership of a professional or industry body.Australia is a great place to live and work, offering lifestyle and employment opportunities. To work, you must have a valid Australian visa with work rights. A range of temporary and permanent skilled visas are available. Australian laws provide all employees with basic rights and protection in the workplace. If you like the idea of Australia's climate and lifestyle and are looking for a career challenge in a country with lots of opportunities- take the next step to find out more about Australia's skilled working visas. Your journey starts when you submit an expression of interest for a skilled visa through SkillSelect. By using SkillSelect the Australian government could invite you to lodge a visa application or you could be nominated by an Australian or state and territory government. If you live overseas and you’d like the opportunity to live and work in Australia, the first step is to find out more about the visa options. There are a range of temporary, sponsored/nominated and permanent work visas available.

Work in Australia – visas and immigration 

Provides information on a range of temporary and permanent skilled visas for workers who want to either work temporarily or migrate to Australia.


Australian Skills Recognition Information

mporarily working in Australia. ASRI helps you find out how to get skills assessment for your nominated occupation including educational qualifications, skills or experience that you have gained overseas.


Start your business in Australia

Australia has long been a country friendly to business-minded people and one where businesses small to large have flourished. Whether you wish to buy a franchise or invest in a new venture, your chances of success are great in Australia, where state and territory governments offer support and sponsorship to quality business migrants. Australia has a set of common structures that investors can use when establishing a business. The four main types are: sole trader; partnerships; trusts; and companies. Investors need to consider carefully which structure best suits their business needs. The business structure will determine the licenses necessary to operate, as well as tax and legal implications.

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